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More Drilling, More Disasters, (Including Canada) Unless We All Do Our Part

Science Matters - By David Suzuki The Gulf of Mexico disaster is... Photo by Calgary Herald

Lightning Strikes Over Winnipeg Spark Sky-High Damages

By: Lindsey Wiebe Wpeg. Free Press - Posted: 14/08/2010 FRIDAY morning's downpour lit...

Climate Leader Dies

Professor Stephen Schneider Climate scientist at Stanford University – passed away on July 19. Steve was a tireless, dedicated author contributing to all four IPCC assessment reports. The scientific community will deeply miss this great leader. Read more ...(pdf)

Is the News Coming From the Gulf Too Good To Be True? Unfortunately, Yes

AlterNet - Au 1o-2010 Thad Allen may be struggling to find the oil, but that's not because it's all gone. Bird in oil spill. Seattle Weekly

Mosquito Wars: Politics, Economics or Science?

by Bill Paton - Prof. of Biology, Brandon University, for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - 8/12/10 Heated debates are….

Costs of Oil Reach Far Beyond What We Pay at the Pump

08/12/10 - by: Mark Engler - Truthout This might be an opportune... Photo by