Monday, 23 August 2010

A Great Way to Blow a Day

By: Laura Rance Wpg. Free Press - 21/08/2010

Folks eating it up at farmers' markets.
Farmers' market
photo by l.p.

High-Yield Agriculture Slows Pace of Global Warming, say FSE Researchers

Louis Bergeron - Stanford News Service - 2010

Advances in high-yield agriculture…..

EDITOR'S NOTE: I do not always agree with stories I post here. This is a case in point. But what I think is secondary. I would love to hear your comments on this study. Might there be something to it? Or is it just a piece of "agri-biz" propoganda? l.p.

Outrage at UN Decision to Exonerate Shell for Oil Pollution in Niger Delta

John Vidal, environment editor, 22 August 2010
• Oil giant blamed for 10% of 9m barrels leaked in 40 years

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Crossed Crocodiles

Canadian Court Slams Trump Climate Advisor in Successful Libel Case

DESMOG CLEARING THE PR POLLUTION THAT CLOUDS CLIMATE SCIENCE Dr. Andrew Weaver, Nobel Prize-winning scientist & BC Green Party ...