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Drilling for Shale Gas Unearths Environmental Risks, Ottawa Warned

By: Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press - Posted: 31/08/10 MONTREAL - The Conservative government has been warned… Please also read; "No Fracking Way," here.

Food Crisis Looms After Floods in Pakistan

30 August 2010 - by: Renee Schoof - McClatchy Newspapers Washington - The worst floods in... Courtesy of

Greenpeace Activists Occupy Arctic Oil Rig

Greenpeace - Feature story - August 31, 2010 Our activists are ...

Willaim Ryerson on the US "Population Bomb" (Video)

Global Warming Deniers Aren't "Experts" At All: It's Time for a New View of Science

Bloomsbury USA / By Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway The "debate" over global...