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Threatened Populations of Caribou and Moose To Be Monitored & Protected in Manitoba As East Side Road Project Moves Forward: Blaikie

Manitoba News Release - Oc 26 '10 Local Residents to Participate in Wildlife Monitoring Program Including Use of Satellite Tracking, Infrared Camera A high-tech wildlife monitoring program will be part of the environmental-licensing process for the all-season road project from PR 304 near Hollow Water to Berens River First Nation, Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Eric Robinson, minister responsible for the East Side Road Authority, and Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced today during an international caribou conference in Winnipeg. "The wildlife monitoring program will ensure high-quality and meaningful information is available regarding moose and woodland caribou on the east side of Lake Winnipeg," said Robinson.  "As part of the program, local residents and trappers will be hired to collect field data that will help us make responsible decisions as we move forward building this critical link to east-side communities." The $2.4