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An Update on Manitoba's & Saskatchewan's (Climate-Spawned?) Flooding

-by Larry Powell In the community of Eriksdale, north of Winnipeg, flooding is now threatening homes, the hospital and personal care home.  A farm home near Yorkton, SK, isolated by floodwaters. A flood warning is in effect for the Dauphin Lake Basin, including Parkland and the Duck Mountains, especially once the snow melts & there's lots of that yet to come. Runoff from Riding Mountain has already increased the flows of the Valley, Vermillion and Ochre Rivers significantly. The Turtle River has risen by over a meter (4 ft) since Monday!  Runoff from both the "Ducks" and Riding Mountain are adding significantly to the flow of the Assiniboine River. Because of a swollen Assiniboine, points downstream, St. Lazare, Brandon, Portage and Winnipeg are still under a continuous and prolonged flood watch. Conditions on the Assiniboine have been affected by the same blizzard and heavy rains which struck a wide area last weekend. The huge Lake of the Prairies near th