Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Updated Building Codes in Manitoba Apply Only To New Hog Barns. Why?

Barn Fire Kills 4000 Hogs (Free Press 23 May) - Letter to the Editor
There are not many experiences as horrifying as trapped animals
being burnt alive and the stench of death after the fire.         
Kichiro Sato AP
I consider this great loss and the multitude of previous hog barn fires can be attributed to the failure of our government(s) to protect the welfare of animals and those who take care of them. 

Where was the stand of the Pork Council and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.? Shouldn't they have been questioning the lack of appropriate safety codes and regulations.? Regulations and codes that would help  protect "the Industry" that they helped to spawn, nurture and expand over the past decade and more?.                                                                                 

For years, Hog Watch organizations and rural people complained that those huge hog  factories being constructed as ordinary farm buildings, was wrong for the  building codes were not adequate.

These were Industrial complexes, being built to the minimum of building code standards.

Nobody paid attention. It was too expensive.

John Fefchak, 
Virden, Manitoba.
Also by John Fefchak, "Born of the Stump."

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