Friday, 10 June 2011

Port in Winnipeg Could be Model for Port at Churchill

Diane Gray - 06/9/2011 - Winnipeg Free Press - View From the West
The Golden Boy faces north from his lofty perch-- serving as a bold reminder of the unrealized economic potential.... Details here.  

PLT - I wonder just how much is enough for the human species? Winnipeg & Manitoba are already beautiful places with lots of natural beauty, physical infrastructure and cultural resources. Just how much further must we go to "realize our potential" by making it ever-easier to move people and widgets from here to the far corners of the continent. As far as I'm concerned, "Centre Port" is an exercise it excess which will only enrich the pockets of the few, worsen traffic gridlock and climate change while doing little to advance the human condition. "We can build it - therefore we must need it," might as well be the rallying cry. Globalization has already been shown to be a failure on so many levels. Lets stop bowing down to it as if it were our religion! The biggest tragedy with all of this is, why the provincial government, which pretends to be devoted to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, is even allowing this misguided fossil-fuel generator to go ahead at all! It is also puzzling why the Chamber of Commerce is looking to the Port of Churchill with such envy. After all, the Chamber's "party of choice," the Conservatives, are in the process of killing the Canadian Wheat Board. Some say that move alone is enough to place the very future of that port in jeopardy. Perhaps it's time to remove those "development stars" from our eyes. Let's turn our minds instead to what is good for Mother Earth and creatures who live upon it, rather than ripping it all up with backhoes and jackhammers. l.p.

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