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Politics Making Ag Sector Scapegoat for Lake's Woes

Wpg Free Press - Laura Rance - 06/11/201 Laura says Manitoba is latching on to fauly science in the formation of public policy regarding Lake Winnipeg pollution. Details here. ====== Lk. Wpg.    PLT: I admire Laura's articles greatly. However, it remains unclear to me that the amount of "blame" the government seems to be aiming at the hog industry quite matches the corrective action it will require the industry to take. After all, the winter spreading thing, as Laura concedes, is already covered and the changes there seem cosmetic, at best. Since new operations are already prohibited in the east, no change there, either. So I don't quite understand what corrective actions the industry will be required to take that would justify the amount of public "stink" it has been raising over this issue.  Another thing, past flood events have been known to "overtop" hog lagoons and wash the waste into waterways. We've heard not a peep