Monday, 22 August 2011


For Aug. 26, 2011 R-Town papers
BY Jim Harding
On August 16th several hundred people walked the green mile along Regina’s Albert Street, taking their call for a provincial nuclear waste ban to the government. They want an end to the industry group, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), negotiating with northern communities to “host” a nuclear dump without the people of Saskatchewan having any say.
This was the completion of a 20-day, 820 km walk started July 27th from Pinehouse. Along the way walkers made new friendships and networks that bring the north and south closer together. At the front of the colourful parade was a big, blue balloon “earth” encircled by cutouts of the world’s children holding hands. There was much magic as I watched, over the heads of the block-long string of people in front of me, as “the earth” bobbed up and down as its carriers led the way.
And then I remembered a similar walk, thirty-two years ago, on February 22, 1979. Then, walkers carried a huge white elephant, made of paper-mache, to symbolize what they thought of the government’s uranium policies of the day. How much longer, I thought, will it take for us to learn the hard lessons about the toxic economy and start to seriously make the shift towards sustainability?

Climate Science References for the (US) Campaign Trail

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Given that a number of presidential hopefuls have been voicing their opinions recently on climate science, the Union of Concerned 
Manitoba's unprecedented, catastrophic floods of 2011 - 
the costliest in the province's history. Wpg. Free Press photo.
Scientists (UCS) thought it would be helpful to provide a short list of authoritative scientific assessments on climate science...Details here.

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