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Helicopters Rush Food, Water to US Towns Cut Off by Irene's Floodwaters; 'We Need help'

Wpg. Free Press Aug 30 - '11 NEWFANE, Vt. - U.S. National Guard helicopters rushed food and water Tuesday to a dozen cut-off towns in the northeastern state of Vermont…. Details here. ===== PLT: When will this world wake up and smell the C02? This is getting just stupid!

Why the State Department Environmental Impact Report for Tar Sands Pipeline is Inadequate Aug 28'11 Almost the entire environmental community condemned the final State Department report on the environmental impact of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline released this morning… Details here.

Climate Insights 101 - This Should be a Required Course for All Students!!!


Top NASA Scientist Among the Arrested as White House Pipeline Protests Grow (Video)