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Are We Reaching "Peak Car"?

Anita Elash - From Saturday's Globe and Mail Toronto - Anyone who has been stuck in big-city gridlock lately may find this hard to believe, but millions of Westerners are giving up their cars. Details here.

Ecocide - A Crime Against the Planet

by Sam Burcher               On the 30th September 2011, the CEO’s of two British oil companies were found guilty of Ecocide at the Supreme Court in Westminster. Details here.  Sam Burcher holds an MSc in Education for Sustainability and is co-author of "Food Futures Now." Also by Sam Burcher - "Who Benefits From GM Seeds?" 

Green Activist Gives Manitoba's Efforts to Reduce Vehicle Emissions a 'B'

Winnipeg Free Press - 10/15/2011 It's far from perfect, but it's a start. Details here. Winnipeg traffic. PLT photo.  PLT: Keep in mind, this is the same administration (Manitoba) which has quietly "OK'd" the cockamamy, energy-indulgent "Centreport Project," which aims to connect Winnipeg via just about anywhere else on the continent via just about any means of transportation imaginable. (My question to the Government of Manitoba as to whether Centreport has undergone an Environmental Impact Assessment, has gone unanswered.) And, oh yes, the expansion of the Winnipeg airport will allow oh so many more happy vacationers to visit Aunt Martha in New Zealand so much more easily by jet planes, the worst kind of greenhouse gas producers imaginable!  

Tory Chong Joins All-Party “Climate” Caucus in Canada

                                                    Oct.20 '11 Mike De Souza - Post Media News Former Conservative Minister Michael Chong has teamed up with the other four parties in the House of Commons on a new “climate change” caucus. Details here. Flooded cabins at the north end of Lake Manitoba, an agonizing fivce months after the high water hit. Climate change, in the words of the experts, "almost certainly" is playing a role in events such as this. The weather patterns are now "unmistakable," they say. PLT photo.