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Cosmetic Pesticides Face Ban in Manitoba

Winnipeg Free Press
 Feb 1'12 Manitoba will soon join most other Canadian provinces and ban cosmetic pesticides -- sprays such as WeedEx and Roundup that keep lawns perfect by killing weeds and bugs. Details here. PLT photo

CPAWS Update on Developments in Jasper National Park

Parks Canada announced it will delay its decision on Brewster Travel Canada's proposed development of the  Glacier Discovery Walk in Jasper National Park. Public opinion matters! Parks Canada is now reviewing over 2,000 letters it has received on this issue. They are also reconsidering its environmental impact.  CPAWS opposes this proposed development because we fear it would set a dangerous precedent for renewed commercial development in our mountain national parks.  If this goes ahead, what will be next? As well, the long term impact of it on wildlife, including mountain goats and big horn sheep, can’t be predicted with confidence. There just isn’t enough data. Please help show that public concern is still growing. Take a minute now to send a letter to Parks Canada on this issue. It’s easy. When you click here , you’ll  find suggestions for points you may wish to mak

Let's Protect the Spirit Bear - Stop the Pipeline! (Video)