Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ottawa Dithers Over Health Concerns About "Roundup"


- by Larry Powell
Despite copious evidence that the globally-popular weed-killer may be harmful to crops, wildlife, livestock and humans, the Government of Canada seems in no hurry to act. Last June, Health Canada (the federal Department which regulates pesticides) told me, it was aware of such evidence, but, that, "It did not raise immediate risk concerns that would have triggered regulatory action." 

Then, in November, the Federal Court ordered the Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq, to reconsider a decision she had made in August, 2009. That's when she refused a citizen's request for a "special" review of the product. The Minister settled instead for a longer-range, routine re-evaluation. That didn't begin until some two years later and won't be finished for about another two. 

The court ruling came down almost three months ago. 

The Minister is still "reconsidering" whether to call that  special review.

A "crop-duster" sprays a field in western MB. 
Larry Powell PinP photo.

Ask most conventional farmers about Roundup, they'll tell you. It's a chemical they spray regularly on their canola, soybeans, corn or, in some cases, sugar beets, to get rid of weeds. Sometimes, they also apply it in the fall to cereal crops like wheat and barley to dry them out, in preparation for harvest.

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