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Andrew Weaver on Tar and Climate


Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Could Hurt Canadian Economy

(Source - Wikipedia) A report put forth by economist and former Insurance Corporation of BC CEO, Robyn Allan, in early 2012, states that this proposed pipeline could actually hurt non-oil based sectors of the Canadian economy. Allan stated in the report that the project's success depends on continual yearly oil price increases, by about $3/barrel. She also stated that an increase in oil prices will lead to "a decrease in family purchasing power, higher prices for industries who use oil as an input into their production process, higher rates of unemployment in non-oil industry related sectors, a decline in real GDP, a decline in government revenues, an increase in inflation, an increase in interest rates and further appreciation of the Canadian dollar." 

Coal the True Climate Change Bad Guy, Analysis Shows

Globe & Mail Feb 19-'12 One of the world’s top climate scientists has calculated that emissions from Alberta’s oil sands are unlikely to make a big difference to global warming and that the real threat to the planet comes from burning coal. Details here. PLT: Quite a shocker for those of use who, like myself, have been fighting the tar sands, tooth and nail. While this hardly turns the tar sands into "clean, alternative energy," I believe we should all begin paying more attention now to finding better ways of producing energy we now produce from coal (and fracking) here in Canada!

Manitoba's Green Party Leader Takes Newspaper to Task for Misleading Editorial

From the Blog of James Beddome, Leader, Green Party of Manitoba. GOOD NEWS! The Manitoba Government is finally going to follow the lead of the other 6 provinces in Canada which have put in place bans on the aesthetic or non-essential use of pesticides. This is a first step that Greens have been calling for, for years.       Full story her e