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Leading Journal Demands Harper set Canada’s Scientists Free

HELEN BRANSWELL-TORONTO— The Canadian Press/Globe and Mail - Mar 1'12 One of the world's leading scientific journals has criticized the federal government for policies that limit its scientists from speaking publicly about their research. Full story here.

Iowa's Undercover Livestock Filming Bill Approved

HuffingtonPost Mar 1 - 2012 DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Animal welfare groups reacted with outrage Wednesday after the Iowa Legislature made the state the first to approve a bill making it a crime to surreptitiously get into a farming operation to record video of animal abuse. Full story here.

Arctic Ocean drilling: Shell Launches Preemptive Legal Strike

Los Angeles Times - Feb 29'12  Royal Dutch Shell launched an extraordinary preemptive legal strike Wednesday against opponents of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.. .Details here.    (photo: NASA/Kathryn Hansen)