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The Real Enemy Is Within

Chris Hedges - OpEdNews If you are not dedicated to the destruction of empire and the dismantling of American militarism, then you cannot count yourself as a member of the left. It is not a side issue. It is the issue. It is why…

Learning From Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change

National Geographic Many of the people likely to be on the front lines of a changing climate are indigenous. Already assaulted by centuries of colonialism and exploitation, many indigenous people must also now adapt to rising seas, warming temperatures, and other disruptions to natural systems. Story here.

Infectious Diseases Like It Hot: How Climate Change Helps Cholera and Salmonella Outbreaks

CLIMATE PROGRESS Every year, about one million Americans and tens of millions of people worldwide suffer the debilitating effects of salmonella poisoning, episodes sometimes serious enough for hospitalization. Story here. RELATED :  Safeway Canada recalls cucumbers and in-store products.  Items could be contaminated with salmonella.