Wednesday, 30 September 2015

'Exxons of Agriculture' Wielding Power to Block Real Climate Solutions: Report

Common Dreams

The industry 'fuels a model of agriculture that is destroying the planet,' report states. Details here.

No, GMOs Didn't Create India's Farmer Suicide Problem, But…

Mother Jones

Some anti-GMO activists have blamed the high suicide rate directly on biotech seeds—specifically, cotton tweaked by Monsanto to contain the Bt pesticide, now used on more than 90 percent of India's cotton acreage.

GMO enthusiasts, by contrast, counter that Monsanto's patented seeds are a boon to India's cotton farmers: They've boosted crop yields, driven down pesticide use, and alleviated rural poverty.

So which is it? Story here.

‘Negligible’ long-term impacts on climate from COVID-19 restrictions

Nature Climate Change Empty streets during the Covid shutdown in Zaragoza City, Spain, Mar. 2020. A Wikimedia photo. The decli...