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Can Organic Farming Feed the World?

EcoWatch Forty five years have passed since Earl Butz, then U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, asserted, “Before we go back to organic agriculture in this country, somebody must decide which 50 million Americans we are going to let starve or go hungry.” Time has proven Butz very wrong. Story here.

Coral With Leaves: Millions of Trees Joining the List of Climate Change Casualties

inside climate news Mass die-offs in California, the Southwest and Europe are not only tied to global warming by new studies, they will add to it. Story here.

‘Guacamole-Thick’ Algae Takes Over Florida’s Atlantic Coast, 4 Counties Declare State of Emergency

EcoWatch Algal blooms on Lake Erie, similar to Florida's. Photo by NOAA. Waterways and beaches along Florida’s Atlantic coast have been taken over by thick, blue-green algae blooms , prompting Florida Gov. Rick Scott to declare local states of emergency in St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach and Lee counties. Story here.

These Fires Are Huge, Hidden And Harmful. What Can We Do?

ensia Smouldering peat gives off massive quantities of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, but the search for solutions is on. Story here. RELATED: "One of North America' Biggest Peat Bogs Burns Near Vancouver." "Only Heroic Efforts Will Spare Earth's Mighty Boreal Forest From the Worst Ravages of Climate Change."