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Australia's Vast Kelp Forests Devastated by Marine Heatwave, Study Reveals

the guardian About 90% of forests off the western coast were wiped out between 2011 to 2013, posing a threat to biodiversity and the marine economy, say scientists. Story here.

Climate Change Claims a Bolivian Lake, and an Identity

The New York Times The water receded and the fish died. They surfaced by the tens of thousands, belly-up, and the stench drifted in the air for weeks. Story here.

As Global Per-Capita Fish Consumption Hits All-Time High, UN Warns Of Overharvesting

UN News Centre Fishing trawler - U.S. Navy photo. A new report from the UN shows that, while growth in aquaculture has helped drive up global per capita fish consumption, almost a third of commercial fish stocks are now over-harvested.  Story here.

Cattails Into Clean Energy: Where to From Here?

IISD Cattails - PinP photo. This past year has been a monumental success for IISD’s Cattail Harvesting for Nutrient Capture and Sustainable Energy project . Story here.