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Rare Lowland Old-Growth Forest at Risk – Logging Preparations East of Vancouver

Ancient Forest Alliance News Road-building is scheduled to begin this week and preliminary logging surveys of the old-growth redcedars are underway by Echo Lake, an extremely rare, lowland old-growth forest about 2 hours east of Vancouver between Mission and Agassiz. Story here.

Hail Damage Claims Skyrocket in Manitoba

Manitoba Co-Operator The massive storms that have steamrolled through parts of Manitoba are causing significantly higher than average hail damage claims, according to the Canadian Crop Hail Association. Story here.

Study: Climate Change Causing Widespread Global Coral Reef Degradation

CommonDreams Abel Valdivia / Center for Biological Diversity Global Warming Far Outweighs Local Impacts Like Pollution, Overfishing in Harming These Important Ocean Ecosystems. Story here.

BC Defies its Own Citizens and Barges Ahead With a Massive Dam. (Video) PLEASE SIGN PETITION!