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Protect the neglected half of our blue planet

nature Maintaining momentum is crucial as nations build a treaty to safeguard the high seas. More here. A ribbon seal in the Bering Sea.  Photo by NOAA.

Revealed: Gaps in polar bear conservation in Canada

World Wildlife Fund WWF’s first  Polar Bear Scorecard  found that Canada has shown leadership by investing in subpopulation monitoring. But two years into the 10-year, five-nation Circumpolar Action Plan for the Conservation of Polar Bears (CAP) it has not met its goals in identifying critical habitat nor in setting out best practices for tourism operators and for oil spill response. Story here. Photo by  Ansgar Walk

Degeneration nation, 2018. Our darkest hour.

Common  Dreams A fertilizer plant in Manitoba, Canada. A  PinP  video. Which is more frightening? The destruction of the environment and the climate that sustain human civilization as we have known it? Or the collapse of democracy and the rise of endless war and fascism?  More here.