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50+ Groups Back Landmark Effort to Halt 'Out of Control' Factory Farming in Iowa

Common Dreams "Iowa is suffering under the enormous weight of a business that has no respect for the people, environment, animals and future of the state." Story here. RELATED:  "In Hogs We Trust."   Part #1  How the Manitoba government’s return to a deregulated hog industry could actually aggravate a world health crisis. Part #2   The Price We Pay For Corporate Hog$ Part#3  "Animal diseases devastate herds, worldwide."

If the world builds every coal plant that’s planned, climate change goals are doomed, scientists say

The Washington Post The much-heralded demise of the coal industry may be overstated, a new scientific analysis asserts — finding that if all planned plants were constructed, the world would have little chance of meeting its climate change goals. Story here. Dave Johnson coal-fired power plant,  central Wyoming  Greg Goebel  from  Loveland CO, USA