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Early rains expose risks for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, but worst ‘yet to come,’ warns UN agency

UN News Rohingya refugees in a camp in Bangladesh. Photo by  Zlatica Hoke ( VOA ) The arrival of pre-monsoon rains in southern Bangladesh has revealed an alarming level of risks for Rohingya refugees, United Nations humanitarian agencies said on Friday, warning that they do not  have the funds needed to protect hundreds of thousands of desperate people once the rainy season begins in earnest. More here.

Pipeline Spills 290,000 Litres of Crude Oil Emulsion in Northern Alberta

DeSmogCanada A pipeline owned by Paramount Resources Ltd. released an estimated 100,000 litres of crude oil and 190,000 litres of produced water near Zama City, in northwest Alberta, according to an April 11 incident report filed with the  Alberta Energy Regulator . Details here.