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A British vessel leads £20m mission to melting Antarctic glacier

The  Guardian British and US scientists are to examine the risk of the Thwaites glacier collapsing, which is already responsible for a 4% sea-level rise. More here. Thwaites Glacier. European Space Agency

Help Rural Manitobans Shut the Door on More Pig Factories: Stop Bill 19.

Expectant Moms spend their pregnancies in heartless, confining steel crates. PLEASE SIGN!

In Huge Win for Pollinators, People & the Planet , EU Bans Bee-killing Pesticides. WHAT ABOUT CANADA? ASK YOUR LOCAL POLITICIAN!!!

Common Dreams Bumble bees forage on chives in an organic garden in Manitoba, CA. PinP photo. "Authorizing neonicotinoids during a quarter of a century was a mistake and led to an environmental disaster. Today's vote is historic." More here.