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Buckle Up Folks - Getting to the East Side of Lake Winnipeg is Going to be a Lot More Dangerous by Road.

by Don Sullivan Story here. Jack Pine I would encourage you all to take a few minutes out of your day today and email the Manitoba Minister of Sustainable Development at; and se nd a similar email that I have sent below. If necessary copy and paste the one that I sent below and add your name. Dear Minister of Sustainable Development, I am writing to address an urgent matter and seek clarification from you on this matter regarding File: 5991.00 - Canadian Premium Sand Inc. - Wanipigow Sand Extraction Project. In its Environmental Act Proposal Submission, Canadian Premium Sand (The Company), indicates that they will, prior to receiving a Class 2 Licence for the entire project, undertake site clearing and infrastructure construction sometime in February/March 2019. ( EAP submission Part 1 Executive Summary) The Company will need to receive works permits issued under the Crown Lands Act under Section 7(1)(c). For the record I am strongl