Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Make it Your New Year's Resolution to Offer More Support for Organic and Sustainable Food and Farming in Manitoba!!

Greetings and Happy New Year from all of us at the Organic Food Council of Manitoba!
garden photo by l.p.
2009 was an extremely busy and exciting year for the Organic Food Council of MB (OFCM-COG), as well as for the organic sector in Manitoba and across Canada. THANK YOU! for your ongoing support and interest in OFCM-COG and our programs:
Growing Up Organic (GUO) and Manitoba Farm Mentorship (MFM).

Here's a sampling of what's new at OFCM-COG:

We simply cannot do what we do without the support of our members, program participants, and sponsors, and all of the champions of Manitoba's sustainable food and farming movement - YOU!

Please continue to offer your support:

If you aren't already an OFCM-COG member, please consider becoming one!

Or, make a direct donation online or through the mail to MFM or GUO.

Memberships are donation-based, and as a chapter of Canadian Organic Growers (COG), we receive 40% of membership dollars, which helps to support our activities here in Manitoba.

Support for GUO helps us to encourage schools, child care facilities and other institutions to source more organic food. Donate, or become a program sponsor.

Support for MFM helps us to encourage sustainable and organic farming as a career choice in MB. Donate, or become a program sponsor.

What about advertising for your farm or business? We offer online advertising and flexible sponsorship opportunities, and a significant and targeted network with which to promote your products and services. Prices are reasonable and options are flexible. Contact us for more details.

ofcm@cog.ca • 204.779.8546 • www.organicfoodcouncil.org

OFCM-COG gratefully acknowledges the support of our partners and sponsors:

Heifer International Canada

Manitoba Conservation Sustainable Development Innovations Fund

The Winnipeg Foundation

Assiniboine Credit Union

Food Matters Manitoba, home of the Manitoba Food Charter

Golden West Radio

Organic Meadow

Poplar Grove

Vita Health Natural Food Stores

Fresh Option Organic Delivery


Thank you and all the best in 2010!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Triffids return to British TV

MB Co-Operator - John Morriss - 12/30/2009

As Canadian government and industry officials try to geet the GM flax variety....

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Consumers Choose Locally Grown and Environmentally Friendly Apples

ScienceDaily (Dec. 31, 2009)

When asked to compare...


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Green Conservatism

Shared by: F. Los (the Green Pages) on Dec. 30 '09

I always read Lorne Gunter's column, although I almost never....

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Niger Delta Farmers Welcome Shell Court Ruling

Published on : 31 December 2009 - By Sophie van Leeuwen

A Dutch court ruled on Wednesday it had the...

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Four Anti-Mountaintop Removal Activists Arrested at Home

Published by Sparki, Dec. 30th'09

Iran is not the only place where government agencies are...

Mountaintop removal coal mine in southern WV encroaching on a small community. Photo by Vivian Stockman Ohio Valley Coalition

Anti-Mining Activist Assassinated in El Salvador

Mon. 21 Dec '09 - CISPA - Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

Demand an investigation and...

Editor's Note: The atrocious record of Canadian mining companies abroad just keeps getting worse.

Led by our Prime Minister, that killer of justice and democracy, Canada just keeps racing to the bottom. Just how far will we sink? l.p.

Assessing the dwindling wilderness of Antarctica

Nature Antarctica. Aerial photo by Astro_Alex. Less than 32% of Antarctica is made up of areas that are free from human interfere...