Saturday, 27 March 2010

10 Ways Mother Earth Will Bite Back

...if we don't stop our wanton destruction of the environment..

Up With the Greens!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I found the comment, below, from an anonymous US Green, posted following the Alternet article, "10 Ways Mother Earth Will Bite Back..."l.p.


There is only one sure way to begin the fight against global warming … by having a political party that’s committed to it … that is the Green Party …

All we hear out of both the Republicans and Democrats is growth, growth, growth … which means of course the growth of environmental destruction, the growth of pollution and the growth of earth’s population …

Both the Democrats and Republicans are the leading promoters of our environmental destruction. The Republicans make no bones abut it, they deny global warming. The Democrats want to turn it into a Wall Street Market called ”cap and trade” to derive profits from.

The only real answer is a carbon tax but since it would hurt Republican companies such as Oil and Coal and would deprive Democrats of another Wall Street Scam. Don’t be fooled by the ”greening” of oil, the mantra of ”clean coal” or the marketmagic of ”cap and trade” … they are all rip offs …

If you belong to an environmental group ask them if they support the Green Party and if not, why not … The time has come for environmentalists, civil rights groups, all reform groups to band together and support real reform throughout the economy by adopting the Green Party. Through cooperation we can emerge as a real force for change …

2010-03-22 01:05:46

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Harper Muzzles Climate Researchers

Climate Action Network Canada - March 15, 2010
New report details government actions that undermine...

A machine breaks up ice on
the Red River to prevent flooding.
Climate change is bringing

more severe weather events,
including ice-jams & flooding.
As these events increase, news coverage
of the link between the two, sadly,
(CBC photo.)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Non-Renewable Phosphorus Both a Curse and a Necessity

Wpeg. Free Press - Laura Rance - Mar.20-2010

We Canadians like to think of ourselves as...
An algae-clogged
river in Manitoba.

Assessing the dwindling wilderness of Antarctica

Nature Antarctica. Aerial photo by Astro_Alex. Less than 32% of Antarctica is made up of areas that are free from human interfere...