Thursday, 24 September 2015

Harper’s Bad Bet on China

Gus Van Harten -
With its focus on the economy, the recent election debate pointed to the Harper government’s big – and thus far spectacularly bad – bet on China. Story here.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation in Manitoba Becomes Part of World-Wide Health Study Destined for United Nations

APTN National News
A non-governmental organization has initiated a water-related study about Shoal Lake 40 First Nation as part of a world-wide investigation into healthy communities. Story here.

Livestock Seen Threatened as Biting Insects Press North Thanks to Climate Change

Manitoba Co-Operator

Researchers see increased risk for insect-borne pathogens in livestock by 2050. Story here.

Smoke and Mirrors

George Monbiot - theguardian

Pollution, as scandals on both sides of the Atlantic show, is a physical manifestation of corruption. Story here.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

With New Ban on Cultivation, Northern Ireland Joins EU's Anti-GMO Ranks

Common Dreams

Environment minister expresses "concern" that growing GMOs would tarnish nation's "clean and green image.” Story here.

The Ill-Fated Voyage of the Atlantic Charger. A Predictable End? (Editorial)

by Larry Powell

I find it hard to sympathize with the crew of the Atlantic Charger, the Canadian fishing boat which sank in Frobisher Bay this week. The 9 fishers had to be rescued by heroic members of our coast guard, who have saved the bacon of many people like this who go to places where they do not belong. This state-of-the-art vessel, replete with a skull and crossbones emblazoned on its bow, was out to conquer what is left of our dying oceans, now overfished beyond recall by people like this. Instead of respecting the relentless advance of climate change and staying the Hell away, this macho nine would rather go down in history as part of the crew that is wrecking our common home, Earth. I hope they are made to pay every cent of the cost of the rescue. I really don’t understand why you or me should be stuck with any of the cost of their stupidity, greed and machismo.

Monday, 21 September 2015

In California, a Paltry Snowpack Not Seen in Centuries


When California officials went out on April 1 this year to measure the amount of snow that had accumulated on mountain slopes over the winter, they were met with bleak scenes of dried, brown grass. The snowpack was so bad — a measly 6 percent of normal — that there was nothing like it in the 120 years of records. STORY HERE.

Does your place of residence make you immune from climate calamity? I think not! (Opinion)

by Larry Powell I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard one of my fellow "prairie dogs" remark, how "lucky" or...