Sunday, 23 July 2017

Satellite snafu masked true sea-level rise for decades

Rush hour pollution may be more dangerous than you think

In-car air study of commuting cars finds dangers to human health. Story here.

Traffic jam in Jasper Nat'l. Park CA. PinP photo.

Oilsands insider wanted for questioning in Exxon probe


A Canadian oilpatch insider has suddenly become a key figure in a high-profile investigation of a possible climate change "fraudulent scheme" at fossil fuel giant Exxon Mobil. Story here.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Exxon Fined $2M for 'Reckless Disregard' of Sanctions During Tillerson Era

"It's time Rex Tillerson step down or be removed," said Gigi Kellett of Corporate Accountability International, following an announcement on Thursday that ExxonMobil will pay $2 million for violating U.S. sanctions against Russian officials while the now-secretary of state was the company's CEO. Story here.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Ancient Italian fossils reveal risk of parasitic infections due to climate change


Rise in trematodes could occur much sooner than thought, according to new study. Story here.

Yellow papillae flatworm or trematode 
in Micronesia. Photo by Betty Wills.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Study Calls for Rapid "Negative Emissions" as Scientist Warns "Shit's Hitting the Fan"

Common Dreams

New study, led by James Hansen, is meant to bolster climate kids' case against the federal government. Story here.

There’s literally a ton of plastic garbage for every person on Earth

The Washington Post

More than 9 billion tons of plastic has been produced since 1950, and the vast majority of it is still around. Story here.

Plastic waste on a beach in India.
Photo by Hajj0 ms

Beyond Covid 19. Are we risking yet another pandemic if we continue to embrace "assembly-line" livestock production into the future?

by Larry Powell No one would argue that Covid 19 demands our undivided attention. Surely,  defeating this "beast" has to be &...