Friday, 18 March 2011

Born of the Stump - a Cautionary Tale About the Basis of Life - Water!

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I've known John Fefchak (r.) for quite awhile. I might be presumptuous to call him my "friend," (since we know each other mostly through emails and the occasional telephone call). But we do have a good deal in common. We both know what it's like to try to draw certain important issues (often the same) to public attention - issues which never seem to garner the kind of attention they so richly deserve. Such is the case with our precious water resources. John is passionate about keeping our water supply clean and is clearly dismayed when his many letters-to-the-editor seem to go unheeded. I share his frustration. If his unique and timely article below (Tuesday is World Water Day) catches the eye of even a few more readers by posting it in this space, we will, together, have perhaps achieved something worth while. (Click story once to isolate - once more to enlarge.) Larry Powell

Lake Winnipeg - Greenpeace photo 

John Fefchak lives on a farm near Virden, in southwestern Manitoba. He served in the Canadian Forces for more than 30 years. He is passionate about protecting our environment for future generations. He believes the best way to do this is by himself setting an example for others as a good steward of the land. "For we are but strands in the web of life, and anything we do to the web, affects us all."


Anonymous said...

I'm just hoping that you and John Fefchak don't feel alone in your fight. I've been reading his posts on the newspaper commentary sites and have been so impressed.
I wonder if he'd like to present on the hog industry at the University of Manitoba one day. I myself have debated the Faculty of Agriculture for supporting the industry so closely. Maybe we could do something together. You can find me at my blog:

veganelder said...

Via D.E.M. I too have become a fan of John Fefchak and want to add that I support your fight. Thank you for all you do.