Thursday, 17 May 2012

Canada Asked to Address 'Reality' of Food Insecurity

May 16'12 Manitoba Co-operator

UN rapporteur flags poverty, obesity, Aboriginal issues
. Details here.

Customers line up at a farmers' 
market in Regina. PLT photo.

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Larry Powell said...

Canada's indignant and self-righteous response to this (i.e. an official of our government telling the UN official to "mind his own business"), simply underscores how hopeless are the chances for improvement for our hungry and disadvantaged. These Harperites are truly heartless. We are now approaching US Republicanism, which regards the United Nations as a conspiracy bent on taking over world government. That same type of contempt for the UN is now at play right here at home. These Harperites are fast becoming unfit to govern. If we don't speak out, we might as well bend over and take it!