EARTH MEANDERS - Raping Kids and Earth

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May 13, 2012

By Dr. Glen Barry - Ecological Internet

What kind of sickos destroy children and ecosystems? Well actually, a surprising number do. Most are against both types of victimization of innocence and purity - as long as you don’t talk or do anything about it when it happens.

Earth is so beautiful, so perfect in its intimate interconnectivity, as are humans in their ability to create and transcend, to pass down knowledge, love, and ecological habitat to our children. Yet we know –especially direct victims of childhood rape and ecocide – that Earth and her humanity are filled with a dark, narcissistic self-destructiveness as well.

Two of the very worst evils stalking the land are those who sexually abuse children, and those who wage ecocide upon ecosystems. In fact, they are two sides of the same coin. This is going to be a deeply revealing and challenging essay. If you don’t think freely with an open mind; and are, well, dumb and insensitive, you may not want to try.

Earth and childhood innocence are two of the most profoundly truthful things ever. Yet humanity’s increasingly predatory nature threatens both. The urge to penetrate and destroy the souls of old forests and young children are a grotesque perversion, illustrating the evil that exists – within depraved soulless modernity – cut off from community, nature, and knowledge of right-living.

One of the worst aspects of both childhood sexual and ecocidal abuse is the extent to which talking about these pervasive and perverse ills are taboo. There are other similarities. Both desecrate what is good, loving, truthful, and required for continued human and natural life by dirty, ugly, vulgar, and deathly power. There is of course the penetration – the perverse, evil desire by some to place their drill in warm and wet crevasses to extract energy while destroying the energy source. 

Logging primary forests is very similar to raping children both in moral terror and lasting horrific consequences – the difference is largely only one of scale. The rhythmic pounding of the chainsaw into ancient forests reminds me of being raped. The same impulses that lead us to unquestionably destroy 60 million year old ecosystems for lawn furniture are on display as children are treated like flotsam, indeed trafficked as a commodity, for momentary ejaculatory self-gratification.

I was terribly sexually abused as a child, and have only recently emerged – damaged but mostly recovered – from the acts, the cover-up, and the continued demands by perpetrators and their protectors for silence. Being sodomized and forced to participate in sex acts by an Uncle were horrific enough. But even more detrimental, hurtful, and damaging to my development as a fully actualized human-being was an entire childhood growing up in an environment where my father was routinely sexually abusing a sibling, and where sexual abuse was epidemic in the extended family.

Growing up in a home rife with sexual energy directed at children is devastating, the degree of which was only fully revealed to me as an adult. I look back and realize how these criminal acts – sexual abuse, titillating sexual contact, man boy sex, and a massive cover-up blaming the victims – change your whole way of viewing the world. I am now clear – during what was otherwise a decent upbringing – I and others around me were dramatically and permanently impacted upon by the sexual crimes and cover-ups as family roles, boundaries, and sexual morals didn’t exist. Speaking openly on such matters helps me with my mostly completed yet always tenuous recovery.

I was also born onto a dying planet, where ecocidal and wide ranging human psychosis – destroying all that is natural, good, truthful and life-affirming – is hailed as advancement and development. The personal victimization I experienced occurs daily on a local, regional and global scale as ecosystems that provide for our water, air, food and culture are brutally pillaged – along with all their bounteous life –without regard to anything but the lust for profit. As a trained ecologist, I am privy to Earth’s historic rape in every tarnished ecosystem I see, as I bear witness to Gaia’s and our death.

Earth is routinely ripped open with over-eager, hammy hands, reaching between her legs for treasures that should remain buried. Old forests are not meant to be logged for toilet paper, nor are gas and oil to be ripped from deep within Gaia’s body to poison the air life breathes. Humanity’s long-time rape of the natural world is killing Earth and will result in all life’s final demise unless the ecocidal rapists are stopped – using all means necessary.

The next frontiers in civil rights and natural law are allowing nature, animals, and ecosystems to exist without threat of ecocide, and stopping the rape of our children. Some things need to end because they are objectively wrong and against continued truthful and sacred existence. Much of the abuse and harm we do to others is the result of abuse done to us, and everyone needs to break the cycle. Healthy children and ecosystems are needed simply for Earth and civilization – such as it is – to survive, much less continue to advance and thrive.

I am not looking for pity or making excuses, I just want it to stop – the silence, the lies, and the protecting of family reputations over justice for the abused, and the shame being redirected and falling upon the abusers. The belief that I could not, must not tell – that I was voiceless as I remained a silent victim in both regards – was deeply engrained as I and others are groomed to be sexual playthings of the powerful adults we love on a dying Earth.

Those concerned with children and ecology – whether victims yourself or not – must turn the focus back upon the perpetrators, and stop being victims of crimes that were no fault of your own. The shame belongs squarely upon the perps, and this will only happen when we talk of the evils of penetrating children and ecosystems.  Abusive destruction of childhood innocence and life-giving ecosystems must be stopped – again – using all means necessary.

I really have little patience or desire to hear from people the same banalities of "get over it", "forgive", "move on". Anyone who as a child had their trust ripped away as they were raped and sodomized by those that said they loved them knows the permanent damage it causes, and I will not be silenced. I hope forgiveness comes, but not until responsibility is taken by the guilty, and the victimization ends.

It is not all right to rape and sexually arouse children, and I’m not going away, and holding my silence to protect the perpetrators any longer. I am not going away or stopping talking about the rape of Earth and children because it may make you feel uncomfortable talking about it.

About a year ago – after years of being rebuffed, put down, estranged from, and shamed by family members for asking what they knew about my abuse – I informed my small family that I would no longer remain silent about being raped and dealing with consequences of other family members around me being raped.

No longer would I be the victim, living in quivering shamed silence, because my uncle forced me into group sex with an aunt when I was five. Or stop trying to understand my memories of being sodomized with objects by the same uncle, and fondled and sexually aroused by just about any relative that wanted to cop a feel.

I would speak honestly of what it meant to grow up in a household where sexual abuse was routine, about how it changed all the family dynamics, led to over-compensation to get attention, and caused me other lasting developmental harm that I still struggle to overcome. And that I would continue to seek out information regarding who had done this to others and me, who knew – and were and are protecting the perpetrators – and why upon coming forth I am subjected to a whole new round of abusive victimization.

One family member in particular – my brother-in-law – feels justified in routinely threatening me if I speak publicly about having been sexually abused as a child, how it ran rampant in my family, or refuse to keep family secrets. Apparently as a victim of childhood rape, I do not own my body, my history, or my voice. Anyone thinking I will be silenced on these matters is deeply misled. Nor will I allow myself to be damaged by the victimization foisted upon me by other less grounded in the Earth and connected to the humanity of its most small, weak and hope-filled people.

The message of this essay is to call upon each of us to protect what is sacred and good in the next generation and their ecological habitat. It is these sorts of abuse – that we expect others to bear, unsupported, in silence and shame – that cause so much of Earth’s ills. Childhood and ecocidal abuse must be spoken of until there is justice and resolution, until they are ended for a more just, fair, and sustainable world.
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