Sunday, 21 December 2014

Tarsands Leak Fouls Aquifer In Alberta, Canada. Is it an Isolated Incident?

Winnipeg Free Press

A Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. tarsands operation that has contaminated a groundwater aquifer is renewing questions about a technology that has already been linked to another serious leak in northern Alberta. Story here. 

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John Fefchak said...

Harper and Prentice talk about energy sector during "challenging times"
Water, our most precious resource that all living things need and depend upon. Shamefully, it is treated with disgrace and lack of concern; for the search for the "Black Gold" trumps all. "Spokeswoman for Prentice, Emily Woods,said her office had nothing to add." She could have talked about the most recent oilsands leak that fouled the aquifer,close to the site where oil bubbled to the surface. Guess she didn't want to address that "can of worms". There's been problems dating back to 2009. And I think Albertans really have to ask themselves, how many times does this company get to say, 'Oops, we did it again,' before the government takes proactive action to deal with this technology, which clearly is riskier than this company claims?" Keith Stewart of Green Peace Canada tells us.