Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Fracking Dealt Another Setback by Quebec Report


Quebec’s environmental bureau has dealt a setback to companies that want to use hydraulic fracturing techniques to develop the province's promising shale gas deposits, saying it appears the economic benefits would not outweigh the environmental costs. Story here.

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PinP said...

I wrote the comment below in the "comment" section of the Globe and Mail, following this article.

It's truly heartbreakiing to see the number of commenters in this space who seem to have no heart at all for the Mother Earth we all live upon and which gives life to us all. My simple question would be - why do we need "fracking" in Quebec (or anywhere)on top of all the other fossil fuel extraction now happening all over the globe? We are now in a serious state of OVER-SUPPLY, apparently, yet we continue to clamor for more. Evidence on the harm fracking does (including as a cause of earthquakes) is now there for all to see. Can you people not read? And, oh yes, you are fast losing your ability to govern yourselves in Quebec as elsewhere in Canada. Insidious free trade agreements political leaders at all levels are falling over themselves to endorse, take away the ability of your elected leaders to stand up to the forces of Big Oil, even if they wanted to. Here is an excerpt from a blog article I wrote last spring, entitled "Free Trade. Path to Prosperity or Back Road to Corporatism."

"LonePine Resources, a Texas-based oil company is suing Canada for $250 million because Quebec refused to allow it to "frack" beneath the St. Lawrence River, at least until better regulations could be put into place. "Fracking," or hydraulic fracturing, involves the controversial practise of pumping chemicals under pressure into underground shale formations, to force out the oil or gas. In documents filed under NAFTA, LonePine calls Quebec's actions, "an arbitrary, capricious, and illegal revocation of the Enterprise’s valuable right to mine for oil and gas..."

Perhaps the "drill-baby-drill" crowd could come forward next time they comment here and declare any conflicts they hold - i.e. how many depend on the industry for their paycheques? I'm sure there are a few...

Wake up and smell the roses, folks! We are poisoning our terrestrial home, one acquifer at a time!

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