Thursday, 17 December 2015

They're Killing the Peace River Valley in BC Now

The Tyee

The $9 billion flaying, then drowning of a fertile zone has begun. We still don't know why. More here. More here.

The Shrimp Industry’s Slave Labor Problem Is Even Worse Than We Thought


Earlier this year, the Associated Press conducted a startling undercover investigation which found that seafood caught by slaves in Myanmar was reaching the shelves of American supermarkets. But now, AP says that a further investigation has revealed that global restaurants and stores—including supposedly conscientious retailers like Whole Foods—are also selling shrimp peeled by slaves. More here.

Don’t Talk About “Trade” at the Global Climate Talks!

Is there an understanding between world governments that any new climate deal shall not include any mention of trade? Some fear that may be the case. More here.

The Story of Drought


Drought has always been a part of the human experience. But the story of drought is more than dry fields. It is the story of famine, migration and conflict. It also is the story of creativity, invention and reorganization. Drought and the issues surrounding it drive much of our technological, political, economic and ecological decision-making. More here.