Palm Oil

Dear Larry,
The fires in Indonesia have been called “a crime against humanity” – and our investigators are on the ground now gathering evidence to expose the companies responsible and hold them to account. Can you take your support to the next step and help us by donating £5 per month?
More carbon emissions in three weeks than Germany produces in a year; a third of the world’s orangutans threatened; 500,000 people treated for severe respiratory illnesses this year.
The recent forest fires in Indonesia have been an environmental and human catastrophe. But this was no blameless natural disaster, Larry.
Driven by greed, unsustainable palm oil producers have been recklessly slashing and burning the rainforest for decades to make way for their plantations. This terrible deforestation is the root cause of tens of thousands of fires a year – and in August, the fires grew out of control into a disaster of horrifying scale.
Many of these palm oil companies *claim* they've stopped using slash and burn to clear land – but as we speak, our investigations teams are on the ground in Indonesia gathering evidence that we need to link unsustainable palm oil production to the fires.
It’s crucial we act fast before the evidence is lost, Larry. Can you support us with a monthly donation to help our investigations teams take on the unsustainable palm oil corporations? It only takes a few clicks, and whatever you can afford will be a big help.
We know these kinds of investigations work. Over the last decade, we’ve used them to convince huge corporations like Unilever and Nestlé to adopt ‘no deforestation’ palm oil policies.
But it’s one thing for companies to say they want to use sustainable palm oil, and another thing actually using it – and the reality is that many palm oil companies are still destroying forests and the habitat of orangutans that live in them.
We’re going to be launching a huge campaign next year to force palm oil companies to clean up their act. But it’s vital that we lay the groundwork for that campaign right now – and that means collecting evidence on the ground about who and what caused the recent fires.
Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown Greenpeace, Larry – without people like you, none of our campaigns would be possible. Can you donate now to support our palm oil investigators in Indonesia? It only takes a couple of minutes to donate.
The Indonesian fires have been described as “a crime against humanity of extraordinary proportions.” Now it’s time to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.
Thank you for everything you do, Larry.
Richard George
Forests Campaigner - Greenpeace


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