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Lake of the Prairies – The New Lake Winnipeg?

New Report Expresses Water Quality Concerns - by Larry Powell "Clean, potable drinking water is critical for human life and, therefore, a necessity for prosperous, sustainable communities." - Shell River State of the Watershed Report - 2008 A study of western Manitoba’s Shell River watershed points to the buildup of nutrients as the most serious water quality problem in the region. The 2008 "State of the Watershed" report by the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District is a report card on the health of our surface and ground water. Its verdict? It could be better! Autumn in the Shell Valley - photos by L.P. The Shell River rises in the Duck Mountains and meanders southward for almost 80 kilometers before emptying into the Lake of the Prairies at Asessippi Park. The watershed stretches well into Saskatchewan. In Manitoba, it covers almost 3,000 k