Wind Turbines Cause Health Risks

Manitoba Wildlands newsletter - 07 August 09

New research exposes the health risks of wind energy turbines including heart disease, vertigo, panic attacks, migraines, increased heart rate and sleep deprivation.
Hi Larry
While browsing your page and links I noticed an article about Wind Turbine Syndrome, and Dr. Nina Pierpont.
There seems to be many doctors who disagree with Pierpont, and the basis for her arguments.
Anyhow, I live in Prince Edward County, Ontario, which seems to be the Ontaro hub of NIMBYism with regard to wind energy development, here.
Many in our local group helped groom the final version of our position on this issue.
Thought you might be interested.
That is quite an extensive web page you run! Well done.
Don Chisholm


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