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Should Pesticide "Regulators" & Politicians Face Penalties for Refusing to Protect Honeybees?

By Larry Powell. Over the past several months, I have politely asked the federal Minister of Health, the Hon.Leona Aglukkaq , (r.) who is responsible for the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, at least three times to comment on the issues outlined in my article, below. She has not responded. ================== As many of you will know, populations of honeybees have, in recent years, been tragically and "mysteriously" disappearing around the world. I say "mysteriously" with some sarcasm, because pesticides are already known to be one of the factors. Yet, instead of removing these known toxins from the market, they continue to be allowed, while ever-more harmful ones are being approved! Not only do the bees produce our honey, they are our most important pollinators, responsible for the production of up to one-third of the human food supply! Despite numerous and now frantic studies into the phenomenon, which has been dubbed "Colony Collapse Disorder,&q