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George Monbiot: on Global Warming - “It’s over, now we must adapt to what nature sends our way”

George Monbiot is Europe's leading "green" commentator. Below is his article in the UK's Guardian. ================= Quietly in public, loudly in private, climate scientists everywhere are saying the same thing: it's over. The years in which more than 2C of global warming could have been prevented have passed, the opportunities squandered by denial and delay. On current trajectories we'll be lucky to get away with 4C. Mitigation (limiting greenhouse gas pollution) has failed; now we must adapt to what nature sends our way. If we can. Read more here....

Big Food - The New Tobacco?

Big Food Is Copying Big Tobacco's Disinformation Tactics. How Many Will Die This Time? By Fen Montaigne, Yale Environment 360. Posted April 11, 2009. Courtesy of AlterNet.