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"Big Pharma" Poisons the World's Rivers

Cocktail of Pharmaceuticals Found in the Fish Caught Near Major U.S. Cities - 3/26/2009 - (NaturalNews) - Pharmaceutical pollution is out of control, polluting the waterways of our world to such a disturbing degree that now even the fish are carrying detectable levels of pharmaceuticals in their own bodies! A study conducted by Baylor University... read more... Also... WORLD'S HIGHEST DRUG LEVELS ENTERING INDIA STREAM By MARGIE MASON PATANCHERU, India (AP) — When researchers analyzed vials of treated waste water taken from a plant where about 90 Indian drug factories dump their residues, they were shocked. Enough of a single, powerful antibiotic was being spewed into one stream each day to treat every person in a city of 90,000.

Why the Free Market Doesn't Work - Especially Regarding our Environment

Why the Free Market Doesn't Work: Consumption vs. Conservation by Mike Adams, "The Health Ranger"