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Superweed Explosion Threatens Monsanto Heartland

By CLEA CAULCUTT - France 24 - SUNDAY 19 APRIL 2009 “Superweeds” are plaguing high-tech Monsanto crops in southern US states, driving farmers to use more herbicides, return to conventional crops or even abandon their farms. Read more here... Artist Paul Hoppe

The Swine Flu Scare Lays Bare the Meat Industry's Monstrous Power

By *Mike Davis . Posted April 28, 2009 . (Photo courtesy of "Centre for Research on Globaliziation" ) Animal husbandry now more closely resembles the petrochemical industry than the happy family farm. Click on title for more ... ====== Please also read - Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms - by F. William Engdahl AND Swine Flu Is Related to Virus Born on U.S. Hog Factories in 1998 AND A FOOD SYSTEM THAT KILLS New from GRAIN - April 2009 SWINE FLU IS MEAT INDUSTRY'S LATEST PLAGUE Read more here... COMMENT: Johanne Dion said... Very few seem to want to ask the question: how do these epidemics start and what can we do to avoid them? Seems to me that factory farming is just begging for these new virus mutations while creating pools of superbugs by using micro-dosing of antibiotics. A productive thing than anybody in an industrialized country can do is to buy pork and ham that comes from a family size, almost organic pig farm, and avoid all prepared meats tha