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Corporate Agriculture to Blame for Hundreds of Thousands of Farmer Suicides in India

By Tara Lohan, AlterNet. Posted May 20, 2009. Vandana Shiva says industrial agriculture has left Indian farmers indebted and destitute, and explains how to stem the tide of suicides. ====== Comment: Hi Larry: Sad, sad; on the other hand, I strongly believe that Corporates are the ultimate source of the Pollution that is bestowed upon Planet Earth and Our Environment. It has tennacles that reach out to every source of money, with our Governments blessings !! Regards, Joe Leschyshn

Global Auto Industry Slams on Brakes - Fuel Economy Takes Centre Stage

Vital Signs Media Alert The global financial downturn has driven an auto-industry crisis that saw production and sales of passenger cars and light vehicles decline by 4 and 5 percent respectively in 2008. Photo: Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP Projections suggest that both production and sales will drop even more dramatically in 2009, with 10 million fewer vehicles rolling off assembly lines than in 2007. A new snapshot of vehicle production trends from Worldwatch Institute includes fuel economy data as well as sales data for the largest producer countries, revealing that: · New cars made in Japan and Europe go farthest on a gallon of gas, achieving more than 40 miles per gallon on average, while Japan is planning to reach 47 mpg by 2015. · As of 2008, only 1.5 percent of light-duty vehicles sold in the United States had a reasonably high fuel efficiency at 35 mpg, but the Obama administration has announced that it will push standards to 39 mpg for cars by 2016 and 35.5 mpg