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Native Americans to Join London Protest Over Tar Sands

Terry Macalister -, Sunday 23 August 2009 Canadian First Nations seek to highlight UK's 'criminal' role in CO2-heavy oil schemes . Activist protests against the Alberta tar sands at a recent rally in Regina, SK. Photo by l.p.

LP Relents on Plant Inspection by Outside Experts - But Will There be One?"

- by Larry Powell Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd. has apparently had a change of heart. Initially, the company refused to allow an inspection of its wood products plant in the Swan Valley of western Manitoba by outside experts. But after a request from the Clean Environment Commission, (CEC) it has agreed. But only with strict conditions attached. LP must be given 5 business days advance notice. All those taking part must identify themselves with valid IDs in advance. The tour must be limited to six people. No photographs or recordings will be allowed. Participants must undergo a safety orientation. They must sign a waiver in order to get into the plant's production areas. The company will not answer any technical questions because "all pertinent technical information is already on the public record." LP agreed after the Clean Environment Commission supported the request for the outside inspection from two citizens' groups; Concerned Citizens of the Valley and the Bor