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Why Did Monsanto's Latest GM Foods Get a Free Pass Into Canada?

By Lucy Sharratt - Se. 10 '09 - Health Canada has begun permitting genetically modified foods onto the market without... Please also read "Many Farmers Don't Want GM Wheat." This GM "rogue" canola has spread as a weed onto an organic acreage. It's now a huge & expensive headache for western farmers because it is resistant to Roundup . (l.p. photo)

Population Growth Steady in the Face of a Changing Climate

Se. 18 - '09 Worldwatch Institute. The human population is growing somewhat more rapidly than demographers had expected--pointing to uncertainty in the commonly cited U.N. projection of 9.1 billion by 2050--amid a convergence of trends that include decreased funding for family planning services, fertility levels well above replacement level in many countries, and improvements in life expectancy for people living with HIV. According to the latest Vital Signs, population projections also fail to account for the impacts of global climate change, which are expected to most adversely affect people in developing countries. Read: Population Growth Steady in Recent Years by Robert Engelman (l.) Children take refuge in a cyclone shelter in Bangladesh/BBC World Service Bangladesh Boat Not More People, But More for All People "...those who bear children should be the ones, more than anyone else, to decide when to do so. The rest will work itself out... Wanting not more people, bu