Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Reforming Our Food Production Can Start With Curbing Antibiotic Use

Rep. Louise Slaughter - U.S. Congresswoman from New York's 28th District November 3, 2009
Huffington Post

Jonathan Safran Foer's new book, "Eating Animals," has inspired a lively discussion here at HuffPo about how we produce the food...

Lizards, Rodent and Tree Frog Join Over 17,000 Others on Endangered Species List

By: Frank Jordans, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - 3/11/2009

GENEVA - A rare Panamanian tree frog, a rodent from Madagascar and two lizards found only in the Philippines are among...

Our Degrading Landscape - by Larry Powell

Man's mark on Planet Earth can now be seen at every turn. Not only does an increasing human population put greater demand on finite natural resources, each one of us seems to need, or want ever-more of what we already have.
Jul.'04 - A wildflower field in western MB .
Photo by Graham Powell
(l.p. photos-click to enlarge.)
Nov.'09 - Five years later, the trees in the background of the same field (above) are being logged. The future of the field itself, where wild crocuses bloom in profusion each spring, is unknown.

For some time now, more and more landowners throughout southwestern MB (not necessarily this one) have been signing agreements with Louisiana Pacific, a foreign-owned multinational corporations to supply it with logs. The company lied to authorities when it was first granted its license in the '90s, saying there were enough trees in its initial license area in the Duck and Porcupine Mountains to last "for a hundred years." If this were the case, why does it have to go further and further afield for its raw products?

Toxic Contaminants: The Other Scourge

By Neena Bhandari

SYDNEY, Nov 2 (IPS) - As the world focuses on the impact of climate change, little attention is being paid to yet another...

Stop the Crisis, Change the Food System!

Mon, November 2, 2009 - La Via Campesina

From November 13th to 17th, more than 400 delegates (number determined by available funding*) from 70 different countries representing small scale food producers....