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Why Bees Vanish

ISIS Press Release 16/11/09 *************** A film that tries to get to the bottom of the mystery of the disappearing bees with some success Sam Burcher l.p. PinP photo The Vanishing of the Bees [1] is the cinematic equivalent of “Watch with Mother” about the importance to the planet of the honeybee. It patiently unravels the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) implicated in the mass disappearance of honeybees from their hives across the world. Bees have one of the most important jobs in nature. Without their busy pollination of plants and flowers we would lose one in every three bites of the food that we eat (see Box 1). ----------------------------------------------------- Box 1 What you need to know about bees ******************************** The UK bee economy is worth £165 million annually [3]. The British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) estimates that it would require 30 million humans to take over the job of pollinating British crops. DEFRA (The Depart

Transnationals Contribute To HUNGER

Farmers provide SOLUTIONS Press release - La Via Campesina (Rome, 15 th of No.'09) Nursing a baby in a wellness clinic . (The Nestle corporation has a long and dubious history of discouraging women to breast-feed, so they can peddle their own baby formula and pad their bottom line.) La Via Campesina is appalled by the arrogance of the private sector and especially Nestlé in pretending to...