Tuesday, 2 February 2010

With Climate Change, Some Birds Are Taking Off for Migration Sooner; Not Reaching Destinations Earlier

ScienceDaily (Jan. 29, 2010)

Migrating birds can and do keep...
(R.) Cape May Warbler

Three American goldfiches (l.) migrated north to Manitoba,
as they usually do in mid-spring of 2009. They were caught by a
highly unusual major snowstorm in May! Photos by l.p.

Pro-Canadian Wheat Board Farmers Consider Appeal Over Voters' List

Staff - MB CoOperator - 2/1/2010
l.p. photo
The Prairie farmers' group that….

Tell Chevron to Clean up its Toxic Legacy

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Hi Larry,

Chevron is responsible for one of the largest environmental disasters on the planet.

For 26 years, the U.S. oil giant has deliberately dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.

Tell Chevron to clean up its mess! »

As a result of all the toxic dumping, local people suffer from cancers, miscarriages and birth defects. And still Chevron refuses to clean up the catastrophe!

Chevron even stated that if it is found guilty in court the company simply won't pay to clean up the site or provide health care, potable water and compensation to affected communities.

Chevron needs to take responsibility. But the company won't unless it feels pressure from its American customers and the general public. Send a letter to CEO John Watson and tell him he needs to clean up Chevron's toxic legacy in Ecuador. »

Thanks for taking action!


Tell Chevron to Clean Up
its Toxic Legacy in Ecuador
Your voice will make an important difference for the people of  Ecuador.
Take  Action!

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