Friday, 12 February 2010

Cattle Pastures in Deforested Amazon Now the Size of Iceland

by Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 01.31.09 - Treehugger

The largest rainforest in the world is being chopped down almost entirely for...

Amazon Will Be Drier Because of Global Warming, But Won’t Turn to Savannah

by Matthew McDermott, New York, NY on 02.11.09 TreeHugger

Under some global warming scenarios….

The Right's Inability to Grasp Climate Change May Be Funny, But It's Also Very Dangerous

AlterNet / By Daniela Perdomo

The so-called Snowpocalypse has brought out the...

More Evidence of Link Between Parkinson's and Pesticides

OnEarth - Feb 4 - 2010

The evidence that environmental factors....

Walmart to Gauge "Sustainability" in Canada

Staff- Manitoba Co-Operator


Canada's Walmart stores are going to be the chain's first outside the U.S. to adopt the company's "sustainable...