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NASA Satellites Reveal Connection Between Mountain Pine Beetles and Wild Fires - But Not One You Might Expect!

by Jaymi Heimbuch, TreeHugger, San Francisco, California Mountain pine beetles…

Organic Strawberries Have Better Taste & Nutrition Than Conventional & Better For Soil Too: New Study

by Matthew McDermott, TreeHugger, New York, NY Se 3, '10 In the tug of…. Strawberries photo by l.p.

Alberta Premier Has a Bad Week Over the Tar Sands; *Poor Baby!

Climate Action News Sept 9th, 2010 It was a tough week for... Another *pornographic image from Alberta's tar sands. Courtesy of the Tarnished Earth Gallery. (*Editor's comments)

Death by M&M: The Problem with Food Dyes

by Sarah Parsons SUSTAINABLE FOOD June 30, 2010 Step away from…. EDITOR'S NOTE: A recent report on CBC television revealed that Health Canada is similarly nonchalant about food dyes here. SURPRISE! l.p.